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Make your impact with Data Science

Do you want to be a leader of the next generation of Data Scientists? Then Future Impact is the place to start. Not only will we help you fully master the technical skills, we also train and guide you personally to become an all-round data guru!

With our traineeship, we prepare you to make an impact. You will help teams and leadership to create better products, more efficient processes and happier customers. Amongst others. We set you off for a promising career in one of the hottest jobs of the 21st century. Are you ready?

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Why become a Data Scientist?

As a Data Scientist you make impact. Every time an important business decision has to be taken, the Data Scientist is the to-go-to person to run the numbers. Many Data Scientists find this one of the coolest parts of the job, as they are the first ones to know about a secret that they have discovered – and are allowed to tell everyone.

So, what is Data Science then? As we see it, Data Science is about researching human behaviour. Whether you are working on understanding online users, product development, automated recommendations, chatbots or forecasting sales, if you think of it, it often comes down to capturing human behaviour and turn it into algorithms and code.

After it’s emergence in tech, Data Science is poised to transform all sectors, from retail, telecommunications and transport, to industry, agriculture and healthcare. This makes a job as Data Scientist one of the hottest jobs of the 21st century. starting your career in Data Science today, will therefore not only give you great prospects for tomorrow, but also very good money.

How does your week look like?

Find opportunities: Identify the data-analytics problems that offer the greatest opportunities in your organization.

Data collection: Gather, clean and validate big data to ensure completeness, accuracy and uniformity.

Intensive training day: Focus on the development of your technical, professional or personal skills.

Writing predictive code: Write the code that gives actionable predictions based on your data.

Analyze: Analyze and interpret the data to identify patterns, trends and solutions.

Coaching session: On the job support from your personal coach.

Management presentation: Presenting your findings and solution to management. Here you are making impact!

Relax: Have fun with your fellow trainees at the regular drinks, meet-ups and organized trips.

Who will you work for

As a trainee, Future Impact stands for your development. At the same time, you gather valuable experience at a top100 employer in the Netherlands. At our Match your Future event we introduce you to these companies, but which company and assignment you choose, is entirely up to you. Like this, you decide where and how to make an impact so that you can be at your best.

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Why Future impact

Just to be clear, we do not offer an ordinary Data Science traineeship. What we offer is training and guidance by the best of the best, the highest salary for any Data Science traineeship, challenging assignments at blue chip companies and a community of likeminded people. With our traineeship you will become a top of the bill Data Scientist in one of the most important fields of the future.

Your week
1 year
€ 3.000
4 days work
per month
1 day training

Your benefits

  • Blue-Chip: Start your career and land yourself a full-time job at a top100 employer in the Netherlands.
  • Guidance: Get trained and coached by specialists from within academia and the industry.
  • Harvard Style: Develop yourself with hands-on practice of real cases, data science competitions and hackathons.
  • Mentor: As a trainee you get a mentor assigned to personally help you throughout the program.
  • Salary: The highest for any data science traineeship.
  • Certified: After your one-year training, you will receive an official certificate from The Analytics Academy.
  • Environment: You will be working within a dynamic, energetic and fun environment with meet-ups, informal drinks, weekends away and an international trip.
  • Social Impact: Together with your fellow trainees, you will work on a social project of your own choosing during your traineeship. That’s what we call making a difference.
  • Life-Long: As a member, you will always have access and support to our online Slack community. Permanently.

The time is now

Are you ready to discover your possibilities in Data Science and meet potential employers? We have a great full day program to fully inform you and give you a real feel for your possibilities in our traineeship. Welcome at the Match your Future event of Future Impact!

Sounds like you?

  • Finished or about to finish Master or PhD in the direction of Computer Science, Data Science, Artificial Intelligence, (Applied) Mathematics, Econometrics, (Applied) Physics and Astronomy (with Data Science related courses) or any other relevant studies.
  • Knowledge of at least one programming language
  • Experience with Python, R or any big data technique is a plus
  • 0 – 2 years of relevant project or work experience
  • Enthusiastic about Data Science.
  • In possession of a Schengen work permit
  • Motivated, communicative, analytical and willing to learn!

Application Proces

  1. Online Application: Share your details and resume with us via the application form.
  2. Phone call: Short call with one of our recruiters to get acquainted.
  3. Face-to-face interview: Meeting at ORTEC in Amsterdam to get a good impression.
  4. Meet your match: Together we will match you to top companies based on your needs and theirs.
  5. Company interview: Last meeting to seal the deal.

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