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Future Impact is a partnership between:

ORTEC, one of the market leading, high-tech, international operating consultancy firms specialised in Data Science and Business Analytics solutions. They are the preferred supplier of many Fortune 500 companies across the globe.

The Analytics Acadamy, the leading certified educational institute within the Netherlands. Specialised in high-end Data Science trainings, the academy is a collaboration between ORTEC, the University of Amsterdam and Amsterdam Business School since 2015.

Data Science District, a total solutions service provider, operating exclusively within the Dutch AI & Data Science domain.

Having in-depth market knowledge and having been active within the AI/ Data Science domain for more than two decades we came to the insight that there was something missing. Future Impact fills that gap.


Young Professional Insight

Where a lot of Young Data-Driven Professionals are eager to start their career after graduating it’s hard for them to know where to start. Although the demand for such professionals is growing rapidly, still there are many companies who find it hard to keep up with this rapidly evolving industry. Next to this a lot of organizations do not yet have sufficient in-house knowledge which enables them to offer thorough guidance insuring their personnel to be properly trained. Needed to secure a solid well-developed foundation necessary for these Young Professionals to grow to their full potential in becoming Data Science professionals in the future.

Company Insight

Data is understand to be the source of the existence and growth of organizations. More and more companies are starting to realize that and try to become data driven companies. Because of the high demand for these professionals it’s terribly hard to find them. Furthermore, you want to provide them the best training and coaching they need to maximally contribute to your data ambition, help you to grow revenue and increase efficiency and even more important: to keep them on board.


Looking at both worlds and interacting with them intensely we founded Future Impact. An institute which secures Young Professionals to find their first job at blue-chip companies, being trained in the best possible way and creating the opportunity for companies looking for Data Science professionals to get direct access to the top specialists out there eagerly looking for ways to make a future impact.

We thank you.

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