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Future Impact Traineeship

The Future Impact Traineeship prepares you for a promising career in one of the most important fields of the future: Data Science. During our one-year program you are guaranteed strong development of your technical, professional and personal skills.

To hit the ground running, the program starts off with an intensive two-week bootcamp. At this bootcamp, you are introduced to our curriculum and follow a first set of interactive training sessions. You will also meet your fellow trainees, with whom you will build a strong connection in the year to come. The bootcamp is also the starting point for an exiting social project. Together with your fellow trainees, you will namely choose a social cause to work on during the entire course of your traineeship. A great opportunity to make a real impact in life.

Following the bootcamp, you will start at the blue-chip company that you have chosen during your selection process. Four days a week, you will be working there, with a personal mentor, while receiving training and coaching on the fifth day. Our trainers and mentors are the very best specialists from academia and the industry, working in the field for years. During these training days you will soak up new knowledge and skills on topics such as, cutting edge artificial intelligence, machine learning and Data Science techniques. But we also train your personal consultancy skills, as decisive information, needs a killer presentation to convince decision takers to act accordingly.

Exciting stuff is that our training is largely done Harvard style: through real-life user cases and participating in Data Science competitions and hackathons. We believe this is the best way to aide your development. Excited to get your development on the way? Check out the following subjects, which are part of the curriculum of our traineeship:



  1. Advanced Data Pre-processing
  2. Prescriptive Analytics
  3. Data Processing Tools and Techniques
  4. Big Data Processing
  5. Cloud Computing and Distributed Systems
  6. Advanced Machine Learning
  7. Predictive Analytics

Professional and Soft Skills

  1. Working in Data Science Projects
  2. Personal Effectiveness
  3. Consulting Skills
  4. Presenting and Story Telling
  5. Strategy Alignment
  6. Change Management and Implementation
  7. Determining Business Questions for DS
  8. Scrum / Agile and Data Science
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