Boost your digital transformation. Get instant access to young data professionals/trainees who are trained with the best of both theory and practice. Hire young talents with in-depth technical knowledge, communication, and problem-solving skills who will be a perfect fit for your organization.

Do you want to kickstart big data projects and programs for which specific technical knowledge is required? You will need specialists who can understand and collaborate with the business to perfectly integrate it into your organisation. Young professionals with a solid data science and artificial intelligence background with technical knowledge who are up to the task at hand. Work with quick learners who can push themselves to get your projects off the ground. They will get intensive on-the-job coaching and grow into a jack-of-all-trades, while you focus on your core-business. You will be anchoring in a new class of employees in your organization to keep up with the now and prepare for the future.

Data Science is an ever-changing domain. The technology behind data-driven solutions is developing rapidly. The only way to keep-up with these innovations is by combining expertise from the industry and academia. Our training program is a unique mix of both practical and theoretical expertise training, with our teachers coming from ORTEC, UvA and the Amsterdam Business school.

The Future Impact Traineeship is a stress-free solution: we search for the best young professionals in the field. After you have handpicked your perfect candidates, we hire and coach them.



Gain: instant access to the best young data professionals/trainees who would be the perfect fit for your organization. We take the recruitment hassle completely off your hands, from the beginning to the end.

Train: your young data professionals/trainees with the best of both theory and practice, without you having to setup a trainee program.

Boost your digital/data transformation, by having at hand the right experts for new arising data challenges at hand.

Grow a company culture driven by data and innovation, by anchoring in a new class of employees.

Free to take trainees onboard at the end of the one-year program without additional costs.


  1. We define the jobs and team through a thorough analysis so that we can create your ideal candidate profile.
  2. We will search and recruit candidates based on this profile.
  3. After you give the go, your perfect candidate(s) starts with the Future Impact traineeship
  4. During the program, their time will be split between working with you at the company for four days a week; and receiving on-the-job coaching, and practical and theoretical training from professionals of The Analytics Academy on the fifth day.
  5. You are free to take the young data professionals onboard at the end of the one-year program, with no extra costs.

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