Boost your digital transformation. Get instant access to a large pool of qualified (international) young data driven professionals eager to start applying their learned skills into practise. Hire young talents with in-depth technical knowledge, communication, and problem-solving skills who will be a perfect fit for your organization.

Boost your digital transformation

Why Future Impact?

Are you looking to grow your data science department with young and eager bright minds?

Do you need Young Professionals with a solid Data Science or Artificial Intelligence background with technical knowledge who are up to the task at hand?

Future Impact offers you a stress-free & no-cure-no-pay solution in which we will find you the talent you need.

Look no further. Future Impact helps you find students and starters looking for internships, student jobs, traineeships and/or their 1st or 2nd permanent position within a company within AI or Data Science related job roles.

Our way of working

For us to be able to help you we designed a best practise process in which we will take the following steps in order for us to find the young professionals you need!

  1. Setting up a conference meeting in which we will ask in depth questions regarding the candidate profile you are looking to find.
  2. Confirming to you the ideal candidate profile which we developed based on the obtained information you shared with us.
  3. After coming to a formal agreement, we will start our campaigns reaching out to pre registered potential candidates with your company profile in mind.
  4. We will search and recruit candidates proactively outside of our database as well.
  5. After a strict qualification process, we will set-up meetings with the best matching young professionals based on your needs.
  6. After you have handpicked the perfect candidate(s) we will help during the onboarding process as well.

Instant access to the Future Impact community

Partnering up with us means instant access to our Future Impact community. Getting access to resumes and streamed spoken introductory clips and being able to send personal invites to candidates you like to get to know better and meet virtually to discuss possible next steps.

Create your own Company Page.

Create your company page for free. Not only creating brand awareness but allowing you to display your vacancies all year-round letting candidates know you are hiring.

>> Candidates can show interest by applying directly after which you decide whether to set-up a virtual interview with them to get to know them better.

Match & Virtually Meet

Based on your company profile and shown vacancies our Future Impact job seeking community gets presented your current job affairs. Next to that we will look outside our database as well. After this we will qualify interested candidates with your needs in mind and schedule in speed data events in which you will get the opportunity to virtually meet these candidates and handpick those you like to continue with into 2nd or final rounds of interviews.

Attending recurring Future Impact virtual job fairs

Every quarter we organise job fairs in which you can present your company to a wide audience of hundreds of young professionals. Not only will you be able to create brand awareness by presenting your company to our community, but you will also be presented with pre-registered candidates upfront who you can invite to “visit” your “stand” after which they can show interest in continuing with you by requesting a live 1:1 meeting session. Next to that you will be shown a list of all attendees which you can invite for interviews afterwards as well.

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